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a good man, glenlivet*, and a gullible Cat

November 24, 2006

one of the things i do around this time of year is ask my friends and co-workers what they are thankful for this time around ::

it has gotten to be something of a ritual, with the most memorable answers living their own little gallery in the twisted backwaters of my brain.

this year i got the usual trite replies from most everybody. and i don’t suspect anyone was surprised to hear my own answer to the question, given the events of the last few months.

wraping things up with one of my coleagues wednesday night, closing the store down for thanksgiving,  i asked her what she was thankful for and got a fun, hopeful answer that caused me to delegate the rest of my tasks and go home to my wife, “i have a good man, a bottle of fine irish whiskey, and a supremely gullible cat waiting for me at home. what more could a girl ask for?” i have met her man, and i’m sitting on my own bottle of taylor fladgate vintage 2003, but i’d like to meet the cat.

a gullible cat is a rare and wondrous creature.

i knew one once. poor barstid lived with two regular cats and was rather convinced he was one of them. he had paws the size of dinner plates, however, and a sense of gracelessness that square bowling balls could envy.

and he would fall for anything. repeatedly.

i miss that cat.


i am thankful that my daughter is still alive and with us. i am thankful that we were able to re-finance our house and consolodate most of our extraneous debt into the house before our mortgage got jacked up again. i am thankful for a weekend where family is all that matters and the retail world is a nebulous shadow that i don’t have to think about until monday.

i am thankful for my wife and meatworld and e-world friends who bare their hearts and offer wisdom.

i am thankful to be a father, though i never sired children.

i am thankful to be where i am today.


* i know glenlivet is scotch; bushmills didn’t start with a G

:: sue Me ::

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