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November 14, 2006

i don’t recall at this point how much detail i have given about my daughter’s surgery, but below is her post-op x-ray. the type of cancer she has is called chondrosarcoma and the only treatment for it is surgery. chemo has no noticeable effect, neither does radiation.

so to get it out, the doctors had to remove a portion of her pelvis, cutting away the right iliac crest where the bulk of the cancer was nested. essentially, chondrosarcoma replaces healthy bone with cartilagous tumors.

on the one hand, the crest of the pelvis is not a weight-bearing segment of bone. on the other, most of the muscles of the thigh connect to it, as do some of the muscles of the back and abdomen. an incision was made in her abdominal muscles and her guts were hooked aside for the operation so they could get at the tumor. all of the muscles formerly attached to this bone are now anchored to other muscles, requiring my daughter to learn to walk again as she strengthens those muscles.


to learn more about chondrosarcoma, you can follow the link below ::


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