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back 2 school

November 14, 2006

well, my daughter has been okayed to go back to school, which is really robbing me of an ungodly amount of expected fun.

you see, we had arranged for a tutor for her on a program run by the county school system. i was at work when they contacted my wife, but the long and short of it is this :: to be eligible for the program she was not to be allowed to leave the house. she was not to be allowed to go to church. she was not to be allowed to go to my mother’s for thanksgiving. she was not to be allowed to sit out on the porch.

she was not even to be allowed to attend an award ceremony at her school where she was to be recognized for academic excellence for getting a perfect score on her SOL.

i know these rules primarily exist to prevent pregnant teens from taking advantage of the system, blah, blah, blah, but oooh was i ready to tear the old lady who runs the program a new one.

some fleeting bit of common sense suggested that waiting to hear what the doc had to say might give me more ammo in that fight, but his approving her return to school made the fight unnecessary. not a great tragedy, but a minor bummer.

this time of year when i have to be extry nice to my customers it’s nice to have someone deserving and ripe to lash out at.

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