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lasting Love

November 10, 2006

“and jacob served seven years for rachel; and they seemed unto him but a few days, for the love he had to her”


long before we were ever wed, my wife and i dated for nearly four years before finally giving up and going our seperate ways. we were one of those on-again, off-again couples for much of those four years, but the last time we broke up she made it final by flying out to arizona, and i nailed the stone to the earth by never attempting to follow her or call her back to me.

while she was gone, she got married and had kids.

i didn’t.

and ten years slipped by us as we lived out seperate lives that almost never intersected.

we have talked late into the night on many occasions trying to decide if we ever could have made it if we had married each other back then. would we have grown together to be the partners we needed each other to be without that long time apart?

funny thing was we had little enough in common in those days (apart from our private little ‘mutual admiration society’). but to look at us now you would think god had used the same mold to fashion us, with only the most minor of variances to show our differences. in the most amazing ways, rather than seperating us, those lonely intervening years actually brought us closer together.

apart we grew in such a way that we were finally able to grow together.

and while i was in it, that time seemed like an eternity.

looking back, however, it seems but a moment, a blurry little snare in the tapestry of my life. what i have now is so rich and vibrant that whatever hardships i may have gone through to get here have become more than worth the trouble.

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