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hand of God

November 7, 2006

in all of this i have heard over and over again how i should thank god that they caught the cancer early.

in and of itself i have no problem with that. except that ignores the fact that god must also be responsible for putting the cancer there in the first place. and in all honesty i don’t have a problem with that either. god is god. he does what he does and has his reasons for what he does. and i don’t always know why he does what he does, nor do i always like it. but i certainly cannot stop it.

so, at risk of winning the creepy guy of the year award, i praise god for giving my daughter cancer.

no, more than that, i praise god for giving me my daughter in the first place. i came by my children by marriage and i have come to understand that the concept of ‘for better or worse’ extends to them as well.

i’ve been through some ugly things in my life that make me uniquely suited to stand by my wife and children though all of this, and i know going through this will make me uniquely suited to stand through something else in the future.

i see my daughter being tempered and i know that god’s plan for my daughter’s future requires a unique strength that she is building now because she will need it later.

all these things show me that i need to praise god in this. more to the point, however, all the things i don’t see show me.

if one takes god as a given, then the choices are simple :: rail against the inevitable. or trust.

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