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nothing Sacred

November 6, 2006

in this pc world, everything is held sacred. by definition rendering nothing sacred.

example :: i had a supervisor once upon a time who asked me to go get the manager of another department for her. it was my second day on the job, so i said, okay, who is that?

she gave me his job title. again.

i gave her a blank look.

she gave me his name. again.

i abandoned my blank look and asked what the fellow looked like.

her description, of course, was utterly useless as it started out, ‘he’s a good looking guy’ . . .

let me pause here :: 

ladies, this descriptor is completely useless to any straight man. none of us have a clue what constitutes ‘handsome’ to you.

this has nothing to do with homophobia.

it has everything to do with angie jolie.

yes, the same woman who has hung all over billy bob thornton and  brad pitt. seriously, how is a guy to tell?

long and short my supervisor spent the better part of ten minutes attempting to describe this man without telling me he was black (a distinguishing feature, wouldn’t you say?) and in point of fact i was actually the one to ultimately supply the word, which, of course, drew down a lecture about how ‘african american’ is actually the proper term, blah, blah, blah . . .

now i spend a lot of time around black folk. i have yet to hear any of them refer to each other as african american. they use the word black almost exclusively. occasionally they will choose to use another word that i am not stupid enough to repeat.

i might punch someone if they insisted on calling me a ‘polish american’ . . . but honestly. if i were to send someone who didn’t know me to go look for me i’d be crippling the process not to include the following descriptive terms :: ‘heavyset, white guy, grey hair, glasses’

who broke out the egg cartons for us to tiptoe around on in this great country of ours?

in the midst of what i call the ‘great androgyny’ . . . where gender lines, racial lines, and culture lines all begin to blur . . . a little common sense would go a loooong way.

of course, as i’ve stated before :: sense ain’t necessarily all that common.

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