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up Hill

November 1, 2006

my daughter is out of surgery. the right wing of her pelvis has been sawn off flat. the x-ray is hideous. all the muscles that used to connect to that anchor have been reattached to abdominal muscles or other bones which is causing her cramping as the muscles realign themselves in their new patterns.

she has no functionality in the leg at all above the knee, but the pain is less and we have been allowed to take her home after 6 days at the hospital.

i am looking forward to a good night sleep on my own floor.

now begins my daughter’s uphill battle towards the life she used to have. she will never achieve it, of course. this will change her in ways that will never let her be that innocent again, but she is still very much a kid so it should be close.

she is alive. she is our daughter. it is enough.

for all of you who have prayed for us, thank you.

for all of you who are used to my acerbic presence on the web, i still won’t be around for awhile. i am not saying i am retiring brahnamin, but he is definitely taking a leave of absence.

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