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elemental Anarchy

October 24, 2006

i love autumn.

you never know what to expect.

today was one of those perfect, beautiful days when i call my wife and tell her, ‘this day is almost as pretty as you are’

yes, i’m a dork.

the turning trees, the falling leaves, the nip in the air, the bright breath of the wind. i dunno, maybe it’s because i’m an october baby, but i always love this time of year. rain or sun or glowering clouds, it doesn’t matter. my wife and her parents took our daughter and her sister to her school play tonight and i took my son to football practice and watched him crash into pads and people.

he loves it.

it is weird to me how bloody ‘normal’ this day was, considering my daughter’s surgery is only two days away.

still, it was sweet and i know i shall remember it for a long time.

i am still waiting for the crisp dry days of november, when a good wind will kick up the leaves and make them clatter around, barking and biting at each other like squabbling crows. one of those days where the air is cold enough to be winter and a long coat makes you feel like an island in the midst of the world.

yeah, today was definitely a day of simple pleasures.

funny how long it’s been, now that i think of it, since i took the time to pay attention to such a day.

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