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:: angels in Waiting

October 24, 2006

how do i describe my younger daughter?

her laughter calls to mind children at play or angels singing (anyone who has heard the one will immediately recognize the other) with a smile fit to split her face.

she is a huge help, always the first to come running if i need something.

even if she is only a foot or two away.

the girl runs absolutely everywhere and is as reliable as old faithful when it comes to gravity, tripping over her own feet every third step and going down in a tumble, then bouncing back up to continue her romp. she’s very much like a puppy that way.

she won’t be doing much running in a few days.

and then not for months as she learns to walk again after her surgery and is forced to rely on crutches into the winter.

: :

 my eldest daughter is my cat. sure footed, graceful, and as apt to jump up high and look down on the world as curl up on the carpet by the fireside. she is quiet and self assured with an imagination and wit to rival the minds of poets and madmen.

she has a wicked sense of humor.

she is her sister’s anchor right now, but when we are alone she lets herself break down.

: :

my son, younger than his sisters, is the bull. stubborn and apt to run at things head first no matter how solid or fragile his target might be. he is anxious and bouncy and longing to be reasured at every turn that everthing is going to be okay.

on the outside he sometimes seems oblivious to these changes in our lives, but then i look into his eyes and i know that he knows and that he cares and that he is deeply concerned for his sister.

he is the wellspring of normalcy for us in the midst of all our chaos.

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