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annoying Relatives

October 19, 2006

“mom and dad are my relatives, therefore i am.”

:: Kelly Bundy: on einstein’s ‘theory of relativity‘ ::

gak. i know people mean well, but my extended family on my wife’s side are straight up driving me nuts. her aunt called today. we’ll call her virginia, because that is her name and i have no desire to offer her annonymity. anyway, just past the hellos she starts bombarding me with, frankly, a rude barrage of questions, leading off with “have you looked into other options”

(insert dripping sarcasm here) no, aunt v, cutting away a quarter of my daughter’s pelvis seemed like minor routine surgery, we felt lucky to get away with so little.

i know she’s family, i know she cares, and i know she has been bullying people in this manner for sixty plus years and getting away with it.

fact is, the type of cancer my daughter has is completely unresponsive to chemo and radiation treatments have thus far rung in inconclusive as to their benefit. but to come at me like i wouldn’t even have done any research on her behalf?

if the woman only knew how close she lived to the trunk.

i know im probablly being a total tailpipe. if tailpipery was an olympic sport i would be an all time gold medalist. but it rubs me wrong to have something like that casually tossed in my face.

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