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:: an open letter to my Son

October 19, 2006

i push you hard. i get in your face. i force my will upon you because i think i know best. i stand athwart everything you want to do. i box you in, box you around, build up walls, and hold you down. i make you try before i help. i call you a liar when you might not be lying just to see if you’ll stick to your guns.

i know you are confused. you probablly think me mad. to your well ordered mind my randomness must keep you spinning about never sure of place or footing. you can’t figure out what i want, you don’t know what i expect. not because i haven’t told you but because you are too young still to grapple with me.

you won’t always be young, though ::

-what i want is for you to do your best.

-what i expect is for you to stand up to me.

when you have found the courage to do that i will know i have done right by you.

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