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great minds drink a Lot

October 18, 2006

e-life vs meatlife.

as one of my online friends notes :: “they’re both ‘real’ to me”

and both bizarre as hell

the people who really matter to me live in my house or live on my computer. except my mom. she has her own house and i don’t allow her any level of access to my computer. i love the woman to death but there is no one on this rock more adept at spreading viruses.

up the street from my house we got a new grocery store and they put up signs on the nearer parking spaces, just next to the obligatory ‘handicap’ spots, that read, “please reserve for parents with children”

as opposed to the other kind, i suppose.

yes, i know what they meant.

propped up in the rear window of the bmw in front of me at the light was an empty license plate frame that advised, “choose life.” through the dimly lit interior i could see the outline of a heavyset man, his rubbery lips lit lava-red in the glowing cherry of his cigarette.

they might both be real, but meatworld offers so much more in the way of bizarre, if only for the fact that when you see it your first thought isn’t ‘photoshop’ but ‘wtf?’. . .

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